Working At Unic Astana

Those are the qualities we look for in our team. Other words that might describe us, and hopefully you too, include: friendly, enthusiastic, inventive, persistent, funny (some more than others), creative, geeky and proficient. We also wanted to say profligate because it sounds good, but we looked it up and it really isn’t us.


[testimonial author=”Syafiq Freman, Designer.”]

Working with such a great team is what makes working at Unic so amazing.




[testimonial author=”Fadhrin Rashib, Video Editor.”]

Creativity is encouraged and ideas are always welcomed. That’s a big inspiration.



Working at Unic Astana Holidays is about being a part of our internal community. We all work hard to make Unic Astana Holidays both a successful company, and a fun, friendly and happy workplace.

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