Intern At Unic Astana

Intern should be FUN, COMPLEX, LEARN, DOING AMAZING THING and so on. We at Unic Astana Holidays believe accepting diversity and being creative are important elements to compete in the nowadays job market and we really meant it.


[testimonial author=”Irham Naser, Tourism Intern.”]

Here I work, I learn, travel and do amazing thing with my office mates, Everyday.




[testimonial author=”Mhd Saiful, Human Resources Intern.”]

I learn how to solve complex task differently in a creative way.



Internship at Unic Astana Holidays means you are about to be part of our internal community, just like others. We all work hard together, correcting mistake, trying to be creative, upgrading knowledge and so on to make Unic Astana Holidays both a successful company and a happy workplace.

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