Program Perlis Nature FAM Trip – Sept. 2016

Program Perlis Nature FAM Trip : Perlis Nature ” A Sneak Preview” 26 – 29 September 2016 – Unic Astana Holidays UAH nak berkongsi satu lagi ‘event’ yang telah disertai oleh Crew Unic Astana Holidays. Sebagai rakan strategik program ini, UAH telah bekerjasama dengan pihak Tourism Malaysia Perlis untuk menjayakan program “Perlis Nature : A Sneak Preview”, iaitu […]

Intensive English Educational Trip – Langkawi 2015

A study trip was held recently on 17 November 2015 at Langkawi. More than 100 students and lecturers join this one day program. This is an educational visit program where students are exposed to the beauty of Langkawi Island and at the same time interact between others in English. Upon completion of this program, most participants seem more willing […]

The Briefing of Perlis Dekat Je Program

The Briefing of Perlis “Dekat Je” with Media Activist together with the Tourism Industry and KTM has been held in Perlis on 16 October 2015. UNIC Astana Holidays provide attractive packages like Perlis Food Trails and Tour, Perlis Edu-Tour and Shopping, Perlis Natural & Cultural, Perlis Hatyai Tour and Perlis Shopping Tour. Let’s travel with our UNIC style!

Local destinations selling like hotcakes at MATTA Fair

THOUSANDS of visitors flocked to the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) Fair, searching for the best deals for destinations that slaked their wanderlust. Targeting 100,000 visitors for the three-day fair that began on Sept 3, MATTA president Hamzah Rahmat said there were 20,000 visitors on the first day alone, followed by 35,000 […]